Dental Prosthetics

deals with the reconstruction of one or a groups of teeth in case of loss of a limited or complete number of teeth. It restores the integrity of the dental arch and dentition as a whole. The devices that ensure optimal function of the dentition in all its local aspects and related physiological functions are dentures.
By using dentures we can restore the three basic functions of the teeth: aesthetics, mastication (food intake and dilution) and phonation (correct pronunciation of sounds and words).


replace a large part of the tooth that was destroyed by trauma or decay, while maintaining its own roots. In our practice, we produce all-ceramic or a metal-ceramic crows, that replace functionally and aesthetically the damaged tooth.
All-ceramic crowns are small ceramic piece, which cover the entire natural teeth and restore its form. Aesthetic dentistry is used in the situations, when it is not possible to make a ceramic filler or regular filling. This may occur, when extensive loss of dental hard tissue, or if the patient has a high aesthetic demands – not satisfied with the shape, color or structure of the natural teeth.


are a fixed dental restorations used to replace a missing tooth or several teeth by joining an artificial tooth permanently to adjacent teeth.

Removable prosthesis

is a plastic, not rigidly fixed denture, that could be removed. Cotemporary it can be use as a provisional solution, or in case of loss of a teeth or groups of teeth as a definitive one.

Aesthetic ceramic veneer

is a thin ceramic plate which is placed over a tooth after its preparation.It can replace a slight loss of hard dental tissues, aesthetic imperfections such as tooth shape, color and other developmental or damage defects. Veneers are produced by impressions taken in the dental office. At the end they are fixed by a special adhesive bonding technique.

Root canal inlay

it is a device that connects a tooth root with prosthetic fabricated crown.