Removable appliance

Removable appliance wearing

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Removable orthodontic appliance has to be worn all night and during the day according to the instructions of the orthodontist.

You have to attend regular checks in terms set by your doctor.
If you cannot come on your appointment, please contact us as soon as possible by phone to arrange a new one.

Whenever the appliance does not fit properly in the mouth or causes pain, it is necessary to contact us as soon as possible. Mild sensitivity of teeth in the morning after removing is quite normal.

Check-up for the appliance is scheduled at regular intervals four to six weeks.

If the device is not in the mouth, it is necessary to keep him in to the designated box to avoid damage.

The teeth, gums and appliance/is have to be kept clean, to reduce the effects of plaque on minimum. After each removal from the mouth, appliance should be brush with soap or toothpaste. Additionally, you can buy special cleaning tablets (Corega Junior). After each cleaning it is necessary to check, if somewhere around the teeth, the gums or on device are not still present pieces of food. After cleaning the appliance is returned to the mouth or stored in boxes.

The appliance works, only if it is worn regularly at least minimum then 12 hours per day.

Remember during orthodontic treatment regularly visit your dentist for regular check for 1 to 6 months.

MUDr. Ilija Christo Ivanov

In case of loss or destruction of the device, patient will have to pay the full price for manufacturing of a new one.