HYRAX Appliance for fundamental widening of the upper jaw čelisti

The appliance is designed for expansion of the upper jaw. Narrowing of the upper jaw can lead to crossbite, high arch palate, restricted nasal breathing, deflecting the mandible in occlusion and later also its asymmetric growth. It often occurs to limit the growth of the lower jaw, overbite of the upper incisors and unaesthetic facial profile.

The tapered upper dental arch is sometimes associated with the small size of the upper jaw. Lower jaw then goes beyond in all dimensions (the so-called. Pseudoprogenie)

Another complication is usually not enough space for the teeth with crowding incisors and the canines growth disorders.

Hyrax is a device that can reliably, quickly and without much burden on the patient expand the upper arch and thereby promote the growth of the surrounding tissues. It is firmly affixed to the teeth and after treatment is removed without damaging the teeth.

Instructions for use:

  • Screw rotates usually twice daily for a period which is determined by the doctor.
  • Patient may not eat during the treatment exceptionally hard and sticky foods.
  • Caution hygiene has to be performed around screw and resin part of the appliance.
  • In addition to regular tooth brushing, your mouth should be rinse with mouthwash or fluoride-containing tooth agent( Elmex gel).
  • After a period of treatment, there is a gap appear between central incisors. This gap is transient and closes itself or during treatment.
  • Patient has to come immediately, when the appliance get loose, damage, or feels sharp pain.
  • Check-up is needed 1x a week during the rotation of the screw. After achieving desired results a kontrol is one in 4 to 6 weeks.
  • If the patient can not attend planed check-up, the screw rotation has to be stoped the same day. It is necessary to arrange another term and announce to receptionist, that this is about Hyrax treatment.
  • After Hyrax is removed, treatment by removable or fixed appliance can follow in order to keeps achieved outcomes.
  • Difficulty with speaking and chewing are only during the first few days of treatment.

Remember during orthodontic treatment regularly visit your dentist for regular check for 1 to 6 months.

MUDr. Ilija Christo Ivanov

In case of loss or destruction of the device, patient will have to pay the full price for manufacturing of a new one.